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How much is Ansys?

I'll start with a basic range since that's what you are probably interested in.

Ansys typically cost between $10k to $50k for a license depending on what you need. It could be a little cheaper for some tools or more if you need multiple licenses.

This is a big range because we have lots of different tools and packages to meet the needs of different companies.

In recent years Ansys has greatly expanded the available licensing options

  • Perpetual/paid-up
  • Annual lease
  • Startup program
  • Academic programs
  • Pay as you go elastic options is also available. 

This means we can typically find the right package for almost any company interested in simulations.

We have worked with small 2 person startups all the way to large multinational aerospace corporations to get the right license access to suit your needs.  

Feel free to contact us here and we will help you find the right license package as well.

Why do we need to talk?

Buying simulation software can be complex because the devil is always in the details. There are specific features, capabilities and use cases that will make you successful. We leverage our extensive simulation experience to make sure you are set up for success.

The right tool

There are lots of ways to produce colorful plots. Getting the right tool mean you can trust the results to make engineering decisions quickly.

With many centuries of combines Ansys simulation experience across a huge range of physics and industries, our engineering team works with you to understand what are your simulations goals and ensure you get the right tools.

Engineering disciplines we cover:

  • Structural mechanics
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Thermal analysis
  • High frequency electromagnetics
  • Low frequency electromagnetics
  • Signal/power integrity
  • Optical design
  • Photonic simulations

Here is a small selection of the types of industries and applications we've worked on

More importantly we guide you on what's easy to do in simulation and what's hard. This allows our customers to build up their simulation expertise overtime, but also get valuable results quickly.

Take a look at some testimonials from our customers

In addition to software, we provide advice on workflows and simulation approaches. This ensures our customers gets the right software, but also a workflow that makes simulation efficient and practical for their specific process.

The right price

We know price is always a big concern when it comes to simulation software investment. 

We help all of our customers get the best deal. This includes

  • The right package of software that suits your near term needs
  • Find the best price options for you to meet your use case
  • Put you on a path to success with training, support, enablement and mentoring.

1st step in getting a good deal is getting the right package with the right capabilities.

Here is an example of an Ansys Capabilities Chart Unless you live and breath Ansys, this chart is probably a little daunting. 

Do you need a specific material model like Nitinol or non-Newtonian fluid? Do you need to capture a specific type of multiphase or dielectric material? Is your simulation in the ray tracing or photonic EM regime? Is it best to solve your problems in steady state, transient or frequency domain? 

Understanding the right tool to buy is by far the most important part of the deal.

2nd step is understand your needs and challenges.

Are you a Startup with seed funding? Waiting for your 1st SBIR grant and trying to keep costs manageable? Are you planning on doubling your engineering team this year and trying to control your expenses? Did you just experience a field failure and need to have a solution like yesterday? 

Our engineering and sales team will work with your specific situation to put together the right package to meet your needs.

3rd step is figuring out how to make you successful with Ansys simulation tools.

A typical return on investment for simulation tools is at least 10x. This means for every dollar you spend on simulation tools, you save 10 dollars in development/test/failure/repair cost. The more successful you become with simulation the bigger the savings.

The right training

Becoming successful with your simulation software investment is the most important part of the software buy process. 

When working with Ozen Engineering, we focus strongly on how to enable out customer's success.

"Training" can mean any number of things which we list here

We take pride in putting together the right steps after the purchase of Ansys software to ensure we are able to realize the value of these advanced simulation tools.

This often means a mixture of standard online training, some expert guidance session and even paid mentoring if needed.

We grow we our customers grow. As the Ansys channel partner of the year in 2 of the past 3 years.

We know how to make our customers successful with Ansys simulation software.

How can we help you?

Contact us at so we can get you access to Ansys simulation software at an unbeatable price!



Post by MingYao Ding
March 4, 2024