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Combustion dynamics are a thermoacoustic phenomena that lead to significant durability and performance problems in gas turbines. The acoustic pressure oscillations created by combustion dynamics can cause damage to the hardware, introduce vibrations and noise, and reduce operating performance. This complex problem requires understanding of heat release in combustion, flow turbulence and acoustics, and their interaction. Therefore, modeling of combustion dynamics needs to be performed with highly accurate software such as Ansys Fluent.

Ansys Fluent has the following features to accurately predict combustion dynamics:

  • Turbulent scale resolving simulation (LES, SBES)​
  • Non dissipative numerical scheme for pressure​
  • Non-reflective boundary condition 

Figure below compares the response magnitude and response lag for forced response of a premixed bluff-body stabilized flame (Cambridge burner).

Fluent results for the combustion dynamics study for the Purdue LDI combustor versus the measurements are given below.

Mert Berkman
Post by Mert Berkman
November 27, 2023