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Synmatrix Technologies Inc. an Ansys technology partner, offers a solution through an all-in-one RF filter design and test tuning software platform that can be paired with Ansys HFSS 3D high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) simulation software to reduce development time, material and operational costs, design risks, and product failure.

A typical RF/Microwave design process is very time-consuming and expensive. Traditionally filter synthesis/design requires very experienced filter designers. The synthesis of a filter is based on look up tables and approximate formulas neglecting EM effects. Most often, the initial fabricated prototype will usually not meet the design goal and bench tuning and optimization is required. The design cycle repeats after the verification takes place, and designers find themselves in an iterative process; for inexperienced designers, more sample build cycles are required before an optimized design is achieved, elongating the R&D cycle time and increasing the engineering costs and delaying time to market.

According to SynMatrix’ founder Diamond Liu, one of the top challenges in RF filter design is the uncertainty surrounding EM phenomena. However, the integration of the SynMatrix and HFSS workflow provides physical insight, confidence, and accurate design. “I think the most challenging work is the optimization uncertainties, for example, when there are more than nine physical variables needed to optimize and the designer asks, ‘Which variables do I need to tune?’” says Diamond. “SynMatrix software can provide this instruction based on the HFSS EM simulations. By pairing these tools, designers can overcome uncertainties and we can guide users to hit design targets quickly.”

Synmatrix offer complete and-to-end design experience and a single platform for design, optimization, and test tuning of microwave filter.



With SynMatrix, designers with single click can import/export their Ansys HFSS design parameters directly and automatically into/from SynMatrix. Once the data is imported into Synmatrix, Ansys HFSS users can utilize the user-friendly platform to auto-tune and edit the parameters necessary to meet the desired RF design output.

The complete filter feature set offered by SynMatrix is vast and comprehensive. The design platform includes arbitrary coupling matrix synthesis, performance optimization, and topology analysis; from a simulation point of view, users will enjoy the computer-aided tuning and diagnosis features, an advanced coupling matrix extraction feature. From the performance optimization tuning perspective, users will benefit from an AI-optimized system, advanced space mapping features, and tuning error and progress monitor tools. A complete line of design structures is also available, including cavity, waveguide, coaxial, LTCC chip, ceramic and microstrips.


Notable product highlights for 2022:

  • Introduced an automatic 3D modelling function integrated with Ansys HFSS design workflow. Includes single resonator modelling and analysis, adjacent and input/output coupling modelling and analysis, and customized full 3D modelling generation. 
  • Automatic 3D modelling support for coaxial cavity and waveguide structures in Ansys HFSS. 
  • Released the ability to initiate peak power handling and temperature drift analysis directly from the SynMatrix GUI.
  • Introduced thousands of practical topologies as a selection library. The new integrated topology includes Transversal, Arrow, Box section, Inline, Cul-de-sac, Non-resonating node, Extended box, and multi-modes
  • A computer-aided manufacturing workflow system to support high volume RF filter production.
Post by Aziz Benalla
February 15, 2023