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Thermal Desktop is a general purpose tool used for thermal and fluid analysis. It can be used for component or system level analysis.

Source: CRTech


Thermal Desktop was developed by C&R Technologies (CR Tech). It utilizes the SINDA/FLUINT solver. SINDA/FLUINT was originally developed for NASA’s Johnson Space Center by CR Tech’s founders, and was later developed and expanded by CR Tech.

Heli model

Thermal Desktop Model of Ingenuity

Source: Ansys

CR Tech developed a geometric GUI known as Thermal Desktop to work with SINDA/FLUINT, and this tool has been used to solve system level problems. RADCAD and FLOCAD were later integrated, allowing for solving thermal radiation problems and fluid network modeling respectively.

Phase Change system

Source: CRTech

Thermal Desktop has played a role in the development of multiple projects, including the James Webb Space Telescope, the Mars helicopter Ingenuity, and thermal storage systems utilizing phase change materials.
In 2022, Ansys purchased CR Tech. This integration aims to provide customers with increased thermal analysis capabilities.

Advantages and Applications

Thermal desktop has a number of industrial and research applications. This includes but is not limited to:

  • turbochargers
  • cryogenics
  • electronics cooling
  • heat pipes
  • internal combustion engines
  • liquid propulsion
  • phase change modeling
  • space applications
  • thermoelectric coolers 

Source: Ansys


The FLOCAD package also allows us to capture behavior such as waterhammers and other pneumatic and acoustic waves through compressible and two-phase fluids. Thermal Desktop can also solve fluids problems such as reacting flow problems, rocket nozzle plumes, and thermal stratification in fluid tanks. 

Rocket nozzle temperature results with streaking

Steady-State Results of Plume Convection in a Radiating Nozzle Using the Bartz Equation with Streaking

Source: CRTech

Thermal Desktop also has integrations with other Ansys products, like Fluent, Mechanical, Model Center, and STK (Systems Tool Kit). 


In conclusion, Ansys Thermal Desktop is a versatile and flexible tool capable of solving a multitude of complex problems. If you have further questions or interest, feel free to contact us at this link:

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Tom Nobal
Post by Tom Nobal
June 28, 2024