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In this blog, I will be walking you through the workflow for design and analysis of centrifugal compressor using Ansys TurboSystem.

First, let's design our machine using Vista CCD. We only need to provide a few operating parameters and a few dimensions. The software will come up with a design.

Next step is preliminary analysis using Vista TF solver to make sure the design is viable.

Once, we are confident with design, we want to do a high-fidelity analysis with CFD. For this purpose, we will first use an automated high quality hex mesh generator TurboGrid.

Next step is definition of the model in CFX. Setup is extra easy using "Turbo Mode".


Final step involves execution and post-processing of the results. Posting is very quick with "Turbo". 


Mert Berkman
Post by Mert Berkman
November 10, 2023