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In our latest YouTube tutorial, we delve into the Fields Calculator in Ansys Maxwell, demonstrating the process of creating and plotting named expressions. The tutorial uses a parallel plate capacitor as a model to showcase how named expressions can be crafted to calculate capacitance. We provide examples of calculating capacitance with both single and dual dielectric setups, including configurations where dielectrics are either split or stacked between the capacitor plates.

The video further explores the dynamic analysis capabilities in Ansys Maxwell by sweeping the permittivity of one of the dielectrics and observing its effect on capacitance. This sweep, visualized through the plotted named expression, offers an insightful look into how material properties influence capacitor performance. For a detailed walkthrough of these techniques and to see the named expressions in action, we invite you to watch the full video linked below.

Post by Ian Chavez
December 1, 2023