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In the blog, we will be looking at the design, analysis and processing of a radial turbine using Ansys TurboSystem. The six minute video below demonstrates the workflow.

Now lets spend more time on the Vista RTD module. First we define the operating condition for our turbine and some basic geometric constraints. The tool then comes up with a meanline design and predicted performance data using knowledge based models. In the video below, we will look at the impact of operating conditions and geometric inputs on the final design.

BladeGen is a geometry creation tool that is specialized for turbomachinery blades. It is developed for turbomachinery designers. The GUI allows for 3D design of blade, hub and shroud geometries with ease. The following 13-minute video gives details on the user interface and shows how to use the tool.


Mert Berkman
Post by Mert Berkman
April 5, 2024