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In this blog, I would like to introduce Ansys TurboSystem. TurboSystem is a set of software applications and software features for designing turbomachinery in the Ansys Workbench environment. It consists of the following components:
• Ansys BladeGen: a geometry creation tool that is specialized for turbomachinery blades.
• Vista CCD, Vista CPD, Vista RTD, and Vista AFD are 1-D blade design tools. They are a set of knowledge based tools that help create preliminary meanline design for compressor, turbine, fan and pump blades at the best operating point.
• Ansys DesignModeler: a general purpose geometry preparation tool that is integrated in Ansys
Workbench. This CAD-like program is primarily used to prepare CAD geometry models for analysis
by other Ansys Workbench based tools. 
• Ansys BladeEditor: a plugin for DesignModeler for creating blade geometry. Ansys BladeEditor provides
the geometry link between BladeGen and DesignModeler, and therefore links BladeGen with other
Ansys Workbench based applications.
• Ansys TurboGrid: a meshing tool that is specialized for CFD analyses of turbomachinery blade rows.
• Ansys CFX-Pre: a general-purpose CFD preprocessor that has a turbomachinery setup wizard for facilitating the setup of turbomachinery CFD simulations.
• Ansys CFD-Post: a general-purpose CFD postprocessor that has features for facilitating the postprocessing of turbomachinery CFD simulations.
• Vista TF: a streamline curvature throughflow program for the analysis of turbomachinery. This program
enables you to rapidly evaluate radial blade rows (pumps, compressors and turbines) at the early
stages of the design. 
• Turbo Setup system: a tool for rapidly creating the workflows needed for the analysis of centrifugal
• Performance Map system: a tool for creating performance maps for turbomachinery cases. 

In this blog, I will be demonstrating how easy it is to build and analyze an axial fan using TurboSystem. The multi-step workflow is described in five separate short videos below:

1. Meanline blade design (Vista AFD)


2. Detailed blade design (BladeGen)


3. Meshing for 3D CFD analysis (TurboGrid)


4. CFD model setup (CFX-Pre)


5. CFD results (CFD-Post)


Mert Berkman
Post by Mert Berkman
November 3, 2023