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Ansys EMC Plus is a robust tool that specializes in the analysis of electromagnetic fields and their effects, encompassing areas like electromagnetic compatibility and analysis of lightning effects. In this demonstration, we will explore the fundamentals of establishing a MHARNESS simulation. This includes the process of constructing a basic cable harness, creating MHARNESS sources, and setting up MHARNESS probes.


We will create a basic cable harness comprising five MHARNESS segments. This harness will consist of a shield housing a nested twisted shielded pair (TSP) and three adjoining conductors. To examine its behavior, we will introduce a differential voltage source at the terminals of the TSP's inner conductors. Subsequently, we will evaluate the crosstalk between the TSP and one of the three conductors using a Voltage Probe to measure the interaction.


The considered geometry 

Cross section of a segment within the harness


The simulation results indicate that there was minimal crosstalk between the TSP and the unshielded conductor.

You will find the complete demonstration right below:


Post by Adel Benleulmi
August 30, 2023