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Ansys MatPro Capabilities:

- Extrusion analysis

- Multi-layer molding

- Press forming analysis

- Blow molding analysis

- Thermoforming analysis

- Film casting analysis

MatPro allows the users to perform simulation using high viscous fluids. It enables Polydata settings to be configured in the Fluent GUI. The analysis solver is Polyflow. A simulation set up wizard is available to guide the user to define the materials, boundary conditions and other solution settings. Fluent expressions are also available in the MatPro workspace to input time dependent data.

The 9-min video contains a step-by-step workflow to set up a direct extrusion model in Ansys Fluent. The model involves a high viscous material deforming during extrusion process. 


Mert Berkman
Post by Mert Berkman
March 23, 2023