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ANSYS HFSS is a powerful electromagnetic simulation software that enables the design and analysis of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) techniques for microfluidic biosensor applications. It provides a robust platform for rapid design optimization, material selection, system integration, and virtual prototyping. With ANSYS HFSS, researchers and engineers can efficiently design and analyze SIW microfluidic biosensors capable of accurately detecting and measuring biomolecules in low concentrations. These biosensors also allow for the measurement of the concentration of certain liquids used in microbiology, such as glycerol, ethanol, and methanol. Furthermore, SIW biosensors are currently the subject of research for early cancer detection, and ANSYS HFSS is widely considered as the premier tool for their development.


Screenshot 2023-05-15 153620

Classical SIW topology

In the following presentation, we will discuss substrate integrated waveguide techniques for biosensor devices and how we can optimize them using ANSYS HFSS. We will begin with a concise overview of the biosensing market and technologies, exploring the wide range of applications and the different types of biosensors available today. Our focus will then shift to SIW technology and highlight the role of ANSYS HFSS as a powerful simulation tool for designing and optimizing SIW biosensors. Subsequently, we will review some of the SIW techniques used in biosensing applications. Finally, we will demonstrate some of the useful features of ANSYS HFSS for designing and optimizing biosensors.

 Screenshot 2023-05-15 154244 Screenshot 2023-05-15 154626

                                 SIW resonator                                                                SIW phase shifter


I invite you to watch the video below to explore the impressive potential of ANSYS HFSS in optimizing biosensor devices based on substrate integrated waveguide techniques:


Post by Adel Benleulmi
May 15, 2023