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When working with 3D components in HFSS 3D Layout, it is common to promote a port to define the input or output connections for your RF/microwave components or circuits. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the simple process of promoting a port in HFSS 3D Layout. So, let's get started!


Let's consider the following simplified model, where an SMA connector is placed on a PCB:


The SMA connector is a 3D component that has a lumped port and a terminal defined:



Promoting a port in HFSS 3D Layout is a simple process that involves selecting a terminal and adding a port:



After adding the port, we can see a new definition which is the SMA port with the terminal defined as the port:



The following video provides a quick demonstration of how to promote a port in HFSS 3D Layout:


Post by Adel Benleulmi
July 11, 2023