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In brief

New entry level CFD offering from Ansys with:

  • Blazing fast native GPU solver (CPU solver available as well)
  • Gold standard accuracy
  • Full control over meshing
  • Amazing modern user interface
  • Extremely competitive price

You need to see this!

The new Discovery

Ansys Discovery has been around for a few years now, but 2024 is different. I've been knee deep in CFD for the past 20 years and I've never seen a product like this anywhere!

Here's a quick tour of the highlights for you busy people.

Look at this beautiful interface! Everything at your finger tips.

Sure, if you've been looked into Ansys discovery, this it not new, but I've waited years for this to be a real professional level tool. Now it's here!

Here is the real Money Shot!

That's right both GPU and CPU solvers are available. If you need simulations fast, GPU will get you results in seconds or minutes!

I'm sure there are some hawkeyed engineers out there that spotted what I mean by "professional level tool". Yes, we can fully resolve turbulent boundary layers using the SST turbulence model.

I know you have a follow up question here so I'll answer it with this gorgeous mesh!

Check out those inflated boundary layers!

All of this and a lot more at an amazingly competitive price! Fill out the form below so we can give you details.



Professional level CFD tool in an easy to use package at an unbeatable price. 

Native GPU solver, full mesh control, advanced physics... and Structural mechanics analysis!

That's right, we do stress and strain too!





Post by MingYao Ding
February 2, 2024