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In this blog, we delve into the detailed exploration of electromagnetic simulation validation using the TEAM (Testing Electromagnetic Analysis Methods) Workshops’ standards. Specifically, we focus on the TEAM 3 test case, a widely recognized benchmark for assessing the accuracy of electromagnetic simulation software. This test involves a coil with a uniform sinusoidal current that interacts with a conductor plate, offering insights into the solver's capabilities to handle eddy currents and magnetic field interactions.


Introduction to TEAM Workshops

The TEAM Workshops began in 1986 and serve as a critical platform for international collaboration in enhancing and validating electromagnetic analysis methods. These workshops provide a series of benchmark problems that are rigorously defined and backed by experimental setups. The TEAM problems range widely, covering scenarios with moving and non-moving parts, different magnetic elements, and uniform magnetic fields.  For a detailed history of the TEAM organization and a comprehensive list of the TEAM problems, you can visit here and here, respectively.


Why TEAM 3?

The TEAM 3 problem, a cornerstone in the series of TEAM validation tests, exemplifies a classic electromagnetic analysis challenge. It involves a setup where a sinusoidal current uniformly flows through a coil positioned above a rectangular conducting plate with two holes. The configuration aims to simulate and analyze the magnetic field's behavior and its interaction with the conductor. This setup is particularly valuable for investigating the effects of eddy currents and their distribution across the conducting material. Originally, several coil positions were studied, but for this demonstration, we focus on a scenario where the coil is aligned directly above one of the holes. This setup not only tests the solver’s ability to accurately predict magnetic fields and induced currents but also provides a robust basis for comparing different electromagnetic simulation tools. The goal is to trace the magnetic field along a line that represents the symmetrical axis between the coil and the conductor in the z-direction, offering insights into the solver’s precision and capability to handle complex electromagnetic interactions.


TEAM 3 Problem Description

Screenshot 2024-04-26 004838

Screenshot 2024-04-26 004845

Building and Validating in Ansys Maxwell

To see how to build and validate the TEAM 3 test case in Ansys Maxwell, check out the detailed video demonstration below. This visual guide will walk you through the steps to accurately set up and solve this benchmark problem, showcasing the capabilities and precision of electromagnetic simulation tools.




Post by Ian Chavez
April 26, 2024