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Ansys offers three motor design simulation tools to collectively provide quick analytical results, advanced FEA analysis, and automate CAD model development with full settings established so you can run the simulation.




ANSYS MAXWELL (Including RMxprt and Simplorer)

Ansys Maxwell: used for designing and modelling any motor geometry (exotic, innovative), and can obtain 2D and 3D FEA results of:

  • distributions of losses, current density, flux density
  • efficiency maps, various Torque vs Speed Curves, etc.

Maxwell is capable of advanced multi-physics coupling with Ansys Mechanical or CFD tools to obtain:

  • Distributions of temperature, rotor stresses, and stator forces. 
  • Results from Noise, Vibration and Harshness analysis.

Also, Maxwell contains includes two additional tools

  • RMxprt is a motor design tool that uses analytical models of standard motors, including axial flux motors, and can be used to automatically create Maxwell models. This tool provides quick analysis and important motor design curves. 

  • Simplorer/Twin Builder is a power electronics circuit tool included with Maxwell for developing motor control circuits, and it contains an industry based library of components. This tool can create a Reduced Order Model (ROM) that extracts the impedance parameters from a FEA model and dynamically links and uses these parameters in a circuit block element in Simplorer. 



Ansys Motor-CAD: used for designing modelling industry based standard motors. This tool provides analytical as well as 2D FEA results of:

  • Distributions of losses, flux density, temperature, rotor stresses, stator forces (cannot solve for 3D FEA).
  • Efficiency maps and various Torque vs Speed curves.
  • Analysis of mechanical harmonics, modals, noise, vibration, and harshness.

After a design is optimized in Ansys Motor-CAD it can be optimized further by importing the Motor-CAD model into Ansys Maxwell (with the full setup in place) and coupling the Maxwell model to the Ansys Mechanical via Workbench. Designs imported into Maxwell can have geometry modified.








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Post by David A. Giglio, PhD, PE
September 29, 2023