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All articles from David A. Giglio, PhD, PE

Ansys Motor-CAD: Thermal Analysis

Ansys Maxwell: Toroidal Inductor Core Loss Validation

Ansys Motor-CAD: Mechanical E-NVH Analysis

Ansys Maxwell: DCDC Resonant LLC Split Secondary Converter

Ansys Motor-CAD: Mechanical Rotor Stress & Displacement

Ansys Motor-CAD: Lab Module Efficiency Maps, Duty Cycle, and Operating Points

Ansys Motor-CAD: IPM Motor Lab - Torque Speed Curve

Ansys Motor-CAD: Demagnetization of an IPM Motor

Ansys Motor-CAD: Overview of an IPM Motor Emag Model

Ansys Maxwell: Inception and Breakdown Voltage Calculations

Ansys PExprt Power Electronics Converter Export into Maxwell

Ansys Maxwell: 3PH Transformer Inductance Calculations

Ansys Maxwell: Parameterized Double Rotor Axial Flux Motor

Ansys Maxwell: Double Rotor Axial Flux Motor Using Symmetry

Ampere's Law Applied to Operating Points on a BH Curve

Ansys Maxwell: Magnetic Coupler - Torque vs Angle Analysis

Calculate the Magnetic Part of Lorentz Force in Ansys Maxwell Magnetic Solvers

Ansys Maxwell: Locate the Point of Maximum Magnetic Flux Density

Ansys Automation of Maxwell Motor Model using Motor-CAD Script

Ansys Motor-CAD: General Overview (EMag, THERM, LAB, MECH)

Ansys Motor Solutions Toolchain: Design, Model, Analyze, Optimize

Ansys Maxwell: SheetScan - Import Material Characteristic Curves

Ansys Maxwell - 3PH Induction Motor - Part 2 - Machine Toolkit ACT

ANSYS Maxwell: 3PH Induction Motor - Part 1 - Force & Thermal Coupling

3PH Induction Motor Design with Ansys RMxprt and Maxwell

Winding Inductance - Ansys Maxwell Flux Linkage vs Current

Wireless Power Charger Simulation - Ansys Maxwell & Simplorer (ROM)

Ansys Electronics Transformer ACT