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Hello, Power Electronics Fans:

In this blog I show how to use Ansys PExprt to design a converter and export the design into Ansys Maxwell to develop a FEA model for advanced analysis. To demonstrate the workflow a full-bridge converter is used as an example which can be used in Maxwell to design a resonant converter by adding a capacitor in series with the primary winding.



PExprt offers the magnetic components and converter types shown below. Select the Full-Bridge, Converter Based Transformer. In the Waveforms tab adjust the settings for the input and output voltage, excitation frequency, duty cycle or turns ratio, output power, and current ripple. 



Configure the settings for your design in the Design Inputs tab and Modeling Options tab. 


In the Libraries area in the lower left side of the window drag and drop a manufacturer's stock library into the Design library to use in the project. Ferroxcube is selected to demonstrate the workflow in this example. Click the plus sign to expand the library. You may make selections for the core, bobbin, wires, and core material by right clicking on a selection. Alternatively, you may let the program make selections for you after you select Start Design Process via the Calculations tab in the menu ribbon. 




The results will show the best possible designs (ten at most by default) classified by the least amount of losses (by default). 


The number of best solutions shown and the classification to rank the solutions can be changed by going to the Modeling Options tab and selecting Select Solutions under List of Results. 











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Post by David A. Giglio, PhD, PE
March 13, 2024