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Bulk Current Injection (BCI), as a conducted RF immunity test, utilizes a current injection probe to introduce a modulated signal onto cables. Its purpose is to replicate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) conditions anticipated in the operational environment of equipment. Here, I will provide you with an example of bulk current injection conducted immunity simulation using Ansys EMC Plus.


This example uses the model from the previous crosstalk demo, which you can find at the link below:

Here, we will see how an injected current affects our signal.

The used model

A sinusoidal waveform is set for the current source, as shown below:

For the Pin Excitation, an imperfect rectangular waveform is configured:

In the results below, you can clearly observe the interference's effect on the data, rendering the latter unreadable after applying the external bulk current injection.

You can find the detailed demonstration just below:


Post by Adel Benleulmi
September 19, 2023